(New track from my performance at the "fidget" space in philly 102510)

My dad HATES this picture. This is the only picture I had for a sidebar in Computer Music magazine, and he called me up to complain about how it didn't look like me, and how I never smile. My dad's funny. :) ...


4 years ago (which is honestly stupidly long...), my EP "BLOW" Debuted on the CMJ RPM Chart at #18
(coquettishly highlighted below in violet for your viewing pleasure)

It was in rotation on over 120 stations, heard by tens of people!

still, YOU can BUY it at these fine virtual locations:

CD Baby,

Cover of my EP

Welcome to my other alter ego. When I'm not playing guitar with TELESMA, looking after my daughter Sofia or working on cool stuff at Intelligent Devices I create, "LIVE and in REAL-TIME", improvised electro-acoustic music using my voice, fx, and, among other things, an instrument I've created called the manDrum that interacts with a program I wrote called Xtrakt. Here are links to many live, improvised kataStatik/manDrum sets (or subsets) since 9.25.04:

NB: Even though these things are created (or re-created) extemporaneously, I've started giving them names after-the-fact to help tell them apart...

NEWish tracks/sets (online anyway - BTW - some of these links don't work, apologies for that...)

This is a 43 minute solo improv set I did as part of my residency at the fidget space in philly October 25, 2010

Live 50' improv between kataStatik (chris mandra) and Adrian Bond -performed/created March 19, 2010 at UNITE - a benfit for the POWOW

THE WORLD PREMIERE of my piece NOTMARES took place @ the Peabody Institute as part of the 40th anniversary of the Computer Music Studio.
program notes

kataStatik, Joanne and Adrian @ 49 West, 1.28.07
A one hour and forty one minute improv.

kataStatik playing a 70 minute solo-improv set @ the Creative Alliance,
Baltimore, MD, 2.9.06,

somewhat OLDER tracks/sets (online anyway)

kataStatik and Adrian Bond LIVE @ 49West,
Annapolis, MD 11.27.05
me singing thru a ton of efx over music by Adrian

kataStatik and friends LIVE @ the 13th floor,
Baltimore, MD, 10.06.05
a 50 minute completely improvised set.
me (beats, vox, efx), Adrian Bond (guitar, efx),
Sean Finn (violin, bass)

carry me home: from scratch

kataStatik and friends LIVE @ 49West, Annapolis, MD 11.27.05
a 23 minute improv at the end of a long night
me (beats, vox), Adrian Bond (guitar), David Arthur (Bass):

kataStatik LIVE @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, VA 11.19.05
I love this place. I really tried to tear it up.
i. entropiate (of the masses)

kataStatik LIVE @ Galaxy Hut, VA 10.24.05
no one was really *at* this show, so I got a little freaky
i. alone

kataStatik and friends LIVE @ 49West, Annapolis, MD 9.25.05
me (beats, vox), Adrian Bond (guitar), Joe Karr (vox) Laura Malone (dancing, vox) David (Bass):
iii. so beautiful, so real...

kataStatik LIVE @ The Knitting Factory, NYC 9.15.05
I did a 180 @ 65 MPH in the rain on the New Jersey Turnpike on my way to the CMJ festival. Totalled my Jeep; hit no one else. Kind of a miracle. This is about what that was like:
i. crash...

kataStatik LIVE @ inputOutput, MD, 8.6.05
2 live moments from a crazy evening:
i. so far away...
ii. jesus was hard...

kataStatik LIVE @ the 13th Floor, Baltimore, MD, 7.7.05
4 parts from a continuous flowing thing:
i. feeling london
ii. longWavHome (another way to do it)
iii. bloozymonk
iv. the nu cruelty

I have a live improv (direct to 2 track) available for FREE download at Modsquare as part of their Netlabel series - it's called Manic Repression - check it out! 6.14.05

kataStatik LIVE @ def Dumb and Bass fREAKoUT! 5.15.05
i heard you like it hard...

kataStatik LIVE @ the Garfield Artworks, Pittsburgh, PA, 5.1.05

kataStatik and Finn @ the Patterson, Baltimore, MD, 4.1.05
i. all eyes on Rome (from breath)
ii. drunk on purple jesus
iii. the annoying monk
iv. killing the budha (to dust)

kataStatik @ Gateway to Moonbase Alpha, Philadelphia, PA, 3.18.05
i. lingua franca
ii. not quite rnd()
iii. with the fishes (the long sleep)
iv. amsterdamaged

kataStatik and finn @ 49 West, 2.27.05
i. 3rd viennese schoolgirl
ii. the moon loves the sea
iii. tele-personal

you're a pain in the ass...

kataStatik/manDrum and friends @ fREAKoUT!, 2.20.05
ii. ambi(dextrous)

katatStatik/manDrum @ "once, twice, sound", 2.4.05 (with finn on bass/violin)
i. battlescarred xstatica
ii. on any other day...
iii. vokaleez
iv. signifying _______

kataStatik/manDrum @ the FunkBox in 2 parts, 2.2.05 (opening for my band TELESMA)
i. ydobyrve olleh
ii. sonar o no

This would be longer, but my DAT went all 18th century on me... manDrum and Finn @ def Dumb and Bass fREAKoUT! 1st Anniversary Party, 1.16.05

manDrum at e+@13, in four parts making a whole set, 1.6.05 (with help from fellow Telesmites Moziah and Jason)
Part I - notice the overtone singing!
Part II - Sine me
Part III - gloves on!
Part IV - the dutch sean connery!

"manDrum" and Finn deconstruct the lil' drumma boyee @ the 13th floor!, 12.23.04

"manDrum and friends" @ fREAKoUT!, 12.19.04

"manDrum" @ fREAKoUT!, 11.21.04

"manDrum" @ Eastport, 11.20.04

"manDrum" @ ART0MATIC in DC, 11.18.04

"manDrum" @ Oliver ST, Set II, 11.13.04

"manDrum" @ Oliver ST, Set I, 11.13.04

"manDrum" @ fREAKoUT! 10.17.04

"manDrum" @ Frasier's 9.25.04

"manDrum:" the first ever set @ fREAKoUT! 9.19.04

SEE kataStatik LIVE!!!
June 25, 2010, 8pm, the Senator Theater, Towson, MD
opening for Adrian Bond's new soundtrack to METROPOLIS  

Sofia Elizabeth Seabrook Mandra


me and offspring


film: chris demonstrates his mandrum

the "manDrum"
Me making weird sounds with my gizmo... the same one I'm working on @ STEIM

(thanks susanargus for the clip!)

film: No, really... it's like that

No, really... it's like that
Great Mutant Skywheel and friends at the 2003 Millennium Music Conference, including driving home in 20 inches of snow!

AND 3 more recent short films

film:The Stupidtrix

The Stupidtrix
boozy tekno boys break boredom by
brainy brawny battling
between bands

film: Rubies... (ben and jerry)

alright. I'll have a lot of explaining
to do about this one.
read this first!

film: 50 years!

50 years!
a valentine to my parents
using the the Zero 7 tune Destiny

Musik und Teknologia

video: trigger happy - about something I  made... with triggers

trigger happy
It looks like the pledge,
but it's really my "manDrum".
Take a look/listen.

audio: 4 tracks of live improv involving the manDrum

4 improv tracks from a live
Phu(man)Chu Orkestra performance
mandra, "manDrum"
Paul Faatz winds, Sean Finn bass, violin

4 (older) short (color) films

film: b'more still life

b'more still life
post 9/11 baltimore life

film: .america

katastatik speaks, sort of

film: katastatik credo

katastatik breaks it down

film: rhymes with...

rhymes with...

a march in protest of events
which hadn't yet occured


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