December 10, 2006
When did Gwen Stefani become Bjork?

So, last night I caught Gwen Stefani on SNL - I want to write more about this, but I have to say something kind of amazing was going there.

She had created this weird intersection of nostalgia (lonely goatherd) and dadaTronica (I dunno - it was pretty far out -) in an AWESOME performance that was shocking and exciting. It can only have sounded cooler in the audience where it would have had to be a decent volume. Very very weird.

I loved it.

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June 08, 2006
the anti same-sex marriage ammendment

If the people who are so concerned about the "sanctity of marriage" that they wanted to do something worthwhile about it, other than keeping it between a man and a woman, perhaps they should consider MAKING DIVORCE ILLEGAL...

I mean really - if something is supposed to be "sacred" how is it then so easily thrown away by half of the people who want it? Further, I wonder how many of the supporters of this legislation have been divorced?


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February 16, 2006
"one of the worst days..."

I'm just wondering: If VP Cheney's accidental shooting of a friend constitutes "one of the worst days in my life", that implies that there've been even worse things to happen to him.

What could be worse than accidentally shooting someone? An accidental dissembowling? Accidental eye surgery?

(I mean, I can imagine feeling worse about losing a family member or something, but that's not something you're directly involved with, like you are when you SHOOT SOMEONE ACCIDENTALLY...)


So, I wonder what his WORST day's like.

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