October 15, 2004
"... an experiment in sound and wallpaper"

So, I had another performance with the "manDrum" Sept 25th. Since I consider this to be music more apropos for an art gallery opening than a club, I had my mac read this preamble during the beginning of the performance.

this is an experiment in sound

and wallpaper.

for the next 45 minutes or so, there will be continuous sound and or music...

in keeping with the North American tradition, this is primarily done to avoid those crushing silences often witnessed on elevators,

on buses at rest,

and in bars.

this is a bar, isn't it?

go about your business as if nothing out of the ordinary was occurring.

It will continue anyway.

do not be afraid

do not be afraid.

do not be

do not.





fine. be afraid.

we're not trying (very hard) to hurt you (very much)

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