April 19, 2005
the tour, so far

It's Tuesday the 19th of April. That means the following things:
I've now played shows with Doofgoblin and Plat in Philly (PA), Charlottesville (VA), Baltimore (MD) and Chapel Hill (NC). Tonight we play in Greensboro (NC). Things have been really unbelieveably good. The people I'm with are wonderful, funny, decent, warm and talented, and I have to say that, without any reservation, this is an important experience for me to be having right now personally and professionally.

Additionally, the response from people has been fantastic. After my set in Charlottesville, one of the people from the audience grabbed my hand with both of theirs, looked me in the eye and said "thank you, thank you", then grabbed me and hugged me.

A nice welcome to the city!

Anyway, I'll write more soon. I just wanted to say how glad I am about how things are turning out, how cool these people are, and how lucky I feel to be in this situation.


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