April 29, 2005
mo tour blah blah

Tuesday, April 19 Greensboro, NC @ University of NC w/Books On Tape
The Greensboro show was a lot of fun - Todd (Books on Tape) is a total freak - ergo, we got along swimmingly. The show was in a faculty lounge at a southern university, which looked pretty much as you might expect if you've a. been down south and b. been built a (relatively) long time ago: one floor, columns, 15 x 30 room, couches etc. The guys from the radio station who set it up (call letters anyone?) projected two of the "Back to the Future" movies upside down behind us while we played, which apparently was pretty cool...
met some nice people, most notably an electronic glitch-hop duo called Drop in Silence

Wednesday, April 20 Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum w/Books On Tape
Not much to say here but this:
Eyedrum is a fantastic space... too bad it was essentially empty!

Thursday, April 21 Miami, FL @ Churchill's Pub

Highlights: while I was playing, I heard someone in the audience say "unbelieveable!"
Also, John's (Doofgoblin) parent's drove for an hour to see him play - that was really nice

Lowlights: where to begin... We were told repeatedly (INCLUDING THE DAY OF THE SHOW) that load-in was @ MIDNIGHT and we'd be able to play until FIVE AM - now, of course, this seems dubious from the start, but, wtf - it *is* Miami, and maybe they do things a little different there...

However, that wasn't quite the case. We got there @ 11:30 and people were already playing, I started playing around 1, and shortly thereafter we were told a. that we'd have to be OUT OF THE CLUB by 3am (do the math people) and b. the sound guy asked John (Doofgoblin) if he could cut 15 minutes out of his set so a local noise band ("vulcan nerve pinch") could play...
John said - "do we still have to get out at three?" Sounnd guy said "yup" John said 'well, then no, sorry"

So, to make this short, I played for 45', Plat for 40' and john for 25, with 5 minutes taken over by, you guessed it, vulcan nerve pinch. Noise is cool. Shitty night, which was completely made up for by:

Friday, April 22 Sarasota, FL @ New College
This was another of those gigs you play where you're like: "oh yeah... that's why I do this"

We played outside on a beautiful night in a college quad with a constant trickle of people - more about this later, but it was AWESOME and we jammed for 30 minutes after our sets. The people were really into it. Afterwards we went to a freaky party at an unbelievable, sprawling house owned by Dr. Rick Doblin, a pioneer in psychedelic studies who's been conducting grant-funded research into the use of MDMA (extacy - sic) to counter the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder http://maps.org/
The house was huge, multi-level, beautiful and full of people, most of whom I didn't meet, had a "rule based" hot tub (three rules: 1. no clothing 2. shower BEFORE you get in 3. you must at least SOUND tipsy and loud, like you're on a cell phone, when speaking to others) AND it had a great jam-band playing in downstairs. Apparently the neighbors think it's a cult... go figure.

I should also mention that John's sisters and fiances drove FOUR HOURS to see us in Sarasota - amazing.

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