May 13, 2003
the days are ahead

and they keep movin' and shaking and grooving,
like the sweet dark bop of the new "be":

am drum and bass, looking for the new bop in hardest darkest and fastest way. sublimnity comes when free from fear, for all to see; more prison than jungle, more decay than urban, more whitewash than latex, more simple than perfectest, more heart than mind, more hope than lessness, more fools than wise (silver swans notwithstanding) - if you have in your ken the meager ways I exalt the squishy fruits of lazy genius and remedial edyoo k shun, you'll look upon me with the one good eye and realize that my heart is genuine if stunted...

god doesn't have a personal trainer

it's like a math problem: if some do nothing, and ev'ry one can do anything, just what then does one do? run screaming "welcome to the sloppy catharsis of the world made possible by the addictively delicious antisocialism afforded us the instantaneous and constant availability of the world @ less than an arms length in less than 3D"

i dunno.


Posted by mandra at 11:54 PM