August 11, 2003
lame and irritating

so, my band's website,, which is NO technical miracle, had been working fine allowing people from all over the world (no kidding - really) to hear our music and find out about us... until last Thursday, August 7, when something happened at my bands hosting company Burlee (somewhat ironically NOT the hosting company I use for, and my site was getting redirected to another Burlee hosted site - a hyper religious xtian site.

Now I certainly understand that accidents happen, but this is ridiculous.
This started five (5) FIVE! freaking days ago, and all they'll tell me is that they're working on it. In five days I could take an O'reilly book and become a sendmail expert. Bastards. Anyway, I just wanted to say something to someone somewhere. (Obviously, blogs work very well for venting.)

Posted by mandra at 08:16 PM
August 09, 2003

The otaku convention is in Baltimore this weekend. Seeing hundreds of people dressed fully as anime characters gives me a bizarre sense and understanding that I'm doing exactly the right thing right now; that the world is big enough for everything that anyone does to be sustaining.

Like Indian from Gig Records says: "There's an ass for every seat. We're just trying to find the right ass for the right seat"

I think that and "put your oxygen mask on first" about sums it up for me...

Posted by mandra at 02:13 AM