February 08, 2005
manDrum IS KatastatiK

So, I have this little problem (which really isn't such a problem, but still requires some thought). I'm "signed" (I shouldn't put it in quotes; it's not like I'm "allegedly" signed. I *AM* signed, but anyway) to a really great record label called Unschooled Records run by a a guy named Howard Hecht, who I think has created a great label for all of my personal right reasons: Do what you want to do, like create a label to put out music you like, and things will work out. I'm not saying the anyone's going to get rich off of it, but I do believe the world will be a better place for it.

So, here's my problem: I'm signed to Unschooled as KatastatiK - sort of my electronic alter ego. The problem is that I've been playing many many shows (more than 14 since the end of September) as manDrum, and I continue to be asked to do more (for which I'm thankful). No one (not like anyone outside of my small sphere of influence knows anyway, except for all of the people from Italy and Belgium who come to my website, which I still haven't figured out, but I think is cool - hello people froom Italy and Belgium!) knows that manDrum is really the name of the performance tool I've created, and my "real name" is KatastatiK. So, I guess I'm telling you that now.

Between now and June, when/if you see mentions of KatastatiK realize that that's me.

When/if you hear about a really kind of strange and kind of strangely compelling album called velocityBomb by someone named KatastatiK - know that's me also.

So, to recap:
I am KatastatiK
The manDrum is a performance tool I've created and sometimes use to make music as KatastatiK
love is like the sun
sugar burns
scotch hurts if it's in your sinuses

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Posted by mandra at 02:02 PM