Well, simply, here's my thought:
I had this monthly event that for 18 months I hosted/curated/particpated in called the defDumbAndBass fREAKoUT. It occured the 3rd Sunday of every month @ the Baltimore Royal, 1542 Light St. UNTIL THE ROYAL CLOSED IN AUGUST 2006...
soooo, while what I wrote below is true, I need a new location for this event.
I *DID* have a new event I co-produce with N'dinga Gaba @ the 13th Floor club in Baltimore called "e+@13". That happened the first Thursday of every month, but is "metabolically dormant" now. Funny that I've had two monthly events that ran for 18 months each. 36 different shows. Hmmm. Maybe it's time to do something new...

I wanted the defDumbAndBass fREAKoUT to be a place for disparate Baltimore/Washington area underground creative/experimental/artist/musicians to meet, hang out, present, represent, discuss, show, show-off, inform, inspire, educate and display what they're thinking, doing, and what they think people should know about. It cost nothing to join this collective - in the spirit of Burningman, just participate! - it grews out of an idea to unite elements of the Baltimore happening scene which exist in vacuums - music, writing, visual art, dance, any and all expression. It was my hope that this could function as a thriving idea exchange, and provide a necessary outlet to the artistic community, and a viable inlet for the audience of same.

If you'd like to help take the underground overland (a bit, anyway) write me mandra@defDumbAndBass.com with your thoughts.